Make your building smart

Single platform for space & energy management



Transform your analog building into a Smart Building with a proprietary system of sensors and gateways to automate equipment, HVAC, energy grid including water, gas and other installations. Control one or multiple buildings with an intuitive centralized platform.


Substantial economy is achieved by focusing on making your assets work only when necessary, drastically reducing the consumption of resources and maintenance costs, while cutting down CO2 emissions.2.



Clean, simple and easy to install wireless system avoids any expensive construction costs or retrofits. Seamless connection to the cloud allows you to view and control your facilities at once, and start saving immediately.

Our mission is to REDUCE unnecessary use of energy


We believe that smart energy management is key for more profitable and responsible enterprises.



ONEGRID developed a proprietary system that scans through your space, sets adjustable metrics and takes automatic actions such as regulating room temperature, turn on/off devices and turn on/off energy grid based on schedule and events. The system automatically shuts down power when it detects waste or leaks. The system is cloud based, scalable and can help you control one or multiple buildings across diverse geographies from one central location.